Regulations For Reopening and For Classes

1. When training resumes, we will temporarily be housed in Building 1, (the BIG building)

2. Please enter in the door on the EAST side of the building. Only one door will be designated as "Enter" and the other door "Exit." There will be someone stationed outside that door to check your temperature. You will not be allowed in without having your temperature checked.

3. EVERYONE must wear a mask. Gloves are optional.

4. The Table Person will wear a mask and gloves.

5. A member will be stationed at the door to take the temperature of everyone who enters. Anyone with a fever will not be admitted. If you are sick--stay home.

6. Those who wish to participate in a drop-in class, must sign up on the website ( each week. you can now sign up for multiple weeks at a time through the end of the year.

7. Those who sign up must sign the disclaimer found on the

8. Due to the fact that there are a limited number of students in the class (6), we will ask that handlers be considerate and show up if they sign up.


      a. As previous classes end and students exit the building, then new handlers can enter the building through the designated door.

      b. Temperatures will be taken.

      c. Fees will be paid.

      d. Handlers can then proceed to their correct ring and wait for class to start.

      e. At the conclusion of class, immediately leave the building through the designated door.

10. A maximum of six (6) dogs will be allowed in all classes.

11. Drop-in classes include: Novice Class, one Open Class, one Utility run-thru Class, one Rally.

12. Rally run throughs will be allowed 10 minutes in duration. Rally participants will also have to sign up on the website - You will get to run the course twice in that 10 minute period.

13. Cones will be used for the figure 8.

14. Instructor will not touch the dogs during stand for exam.

15. Only Instructors will be allowed to crate in the building.

16. Instructors need to bring their own chairs.

17. Dogs must be left in cars until the class is to begin.

18. If a handler has more than one dog, additional dog(s) must remain in the car.

19. No socializing in the building. Socializing should be done in the parking lot. Please maintain social distancing even in the parking lot.

20. No spectators and no children.


Chuck Holtzen at


Sign up now before the classes fill up. Online registration  & payment. 


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