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Class Information

**Refund Policy

No cash refunds for classes will be granted after two weeks prior to the stated start date. If you must withdraw from a class within that two-week period before the class starts, a class credit towards a different class will be offered.

 If a class has to be paused due to (State of Emergency declarations)COVID government gathering regulations, future class credit will be granted to students prorated by how many classes are remaining in the class rotation if Gaboc is unable to resume the classes within a reasonable amount of time. No refunds or class credits will be issued for those students that just stop coming to class. Exceptions- if a class is canceled by GABOC,  refunds will be granted for the number of weeks remaining in the class at the time of cancelation.  **

All our Puppy, Beginner, and Novice training classes meet on Monday nights.


AKC Star Puppy 1 Class

Our 8-week S.T.A.R.puppy class will get you and your new puppy off to a great start. You will work on beginning obedience and home skills. Based on the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy curriculum we provide you with weekly written homework. Puppies must be between 8-weeks and 4  months. Class size is limited to ensure you enjoy the best possible experience.

Puppy Class

AKC STAR Puppy 2 ( not offered this session).

An 8 week S.T.A.R puppy class will get you and your new puppy off to a great start.  You will work on beginning obedience and home skills.  Based on the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy curriculum we provide you with weekly written homework.  Puppies must be between 4 months and 6

months.  Class size is limited to ensure you enjoy the best possible experience. 


Beginner I Class

An 8-week class held on Monday nights that teaches basic obedience exercises and manners as well as a couple of fun tricks for the 6-month or older dog (5-month if completed GABOC’s AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class), prepares dogs and handlers for the Beginner II class where they will learn the Canine Good Citizen requirements and be tested to earn their CGC. 


Beginner II Class

An 8-week class that follows our Beginner I class. You must have graduated from OUR Beginner I class or have permission from the Director of Training to take this class. Learn basic obedience exercises as well as the requirements for the Canine Good Citizen test. 

There will be a Canine Good Citizen Test for the 8th class session.  Typically that occurs on the Tuesday night following the 8th Monday Class.

The fee for the test is included in the class fee


Novice Class

Pre-registration is now REQUIRED.  No walk-ins allowed! 2 Sessions  7:00 and 8:00 

This 8-week class continues what you have learned in our CGC /Beginner classes, but refines the techniques and introduces what is expected in the Novice ring at an obedience trial.  It explains proper collar selection and fit, leash selection, and the proper way to make a correction.  A short evaluation may be required for students that did not participate in the GABOC’s Beginner Classes. This is to ensure that all of the dogs are ready for the Novice I level.  


Ring Ready Class

Pre-registration is now REQUIRED.  No walk-ins allowed! 

This class is for dog and handler teams who are getting ready to compete in AKC Obedience Sports, such as Novice-CD, Beginner Novice BN, and or Open-CDX. Pre-requisite is the teams need to have been in our Novice class and have completed at least 1 x 8 week session.


Open Class

This class is for dog and  handler teams who have completed the Novice level course and or earned their AKC CD title and are interested in learning the AKC Open level exercises, like dumbell retrieve and drop on recall.  It will be good for both teams with a CD and teams just looking to compete in AKC sports.  This is an 8 week class


4H/Youth Class

This class introduces the fundamentals of obedience training.    It explains proper collar selection and fit, leash selection, and the proper way to make a correction.  The class will initially focus on Novice coursework.  4H offers dog shows just for its members.  4-H membership is required. Check out these links for more 4=H information.

DKK Dog Show Fair book Information

4H Dog Program (Wiggles and Wags)

Tuesday Evening Training
You can now pre-register for multiple weeks of Tuesday night Training!  
 Preregistration is preferred to guarantee a time slot.  Please note we increased our fee from $8.00 to  $10.00
Registration for ALL Classes closes Saturday at 5 pm before Monday Classes and Sunday at 5 pm for Tuesday nights.
No Refunds for No-shows!


Tuesday Night Ring Rentals 

Pre-registration is REQUIRED for Ring Rentals.  No walk-ins! Thank you! We will have an instructor available if you would like a run-thru.  Sign up online for a 15-minute time slot. Jumps will be available for your use. Get you and your dog ready for your next trial!

Payment online only!


New Night Rally Run throughs all levels- Monday night. 

Pre-registration is preferred for Rally run-thrus. Thank you! Our instructors set a course for Novice to Master.  Sign up online for a 15-minute time slot. You will get to run the course 2 times in your 15 minutes.  Our instructors take time to advise and encourage you, helping to prepare you for your next Rally trial.  Taking gate entries. 

Instructor: Pat Senne

Tuesday Afternoon Training- Coming soon!

No Walk-ins, must register online for your timeslot!


Tuesday Afternoon Training- Temporarily not available

Afternoon training is from 3 to 5 pm.  Register Online for your time slot in Rally or Ring Rental. Rally has 15-minute time slots, you run the course twice during this time. There will be an instructor there to help you.

Ring Rentals are 15-minute time-slots where you train on your own. There will be an instructor available if you would like a run-thru.

Early training starting in March 2021.




3-5 pm




Utility-  temporarily not available

Pre-registration is now REQUIRED for Run-thrus.  No walk-in available at this time! Thank you! This class teaches the individual Utility exercises performed in the “Utility” ring at an AKC trial.  We will work with handlers and dogs having problems with exercises.  Advanced handlers can get a run-thru.  





ConformationTuesday nights

Walk ins are acceptable, pre-registration is available. Thank you!  Our instructor provides valuable feed-back on how your dog is showing, moving and stacking.

You and your dog are moved both individually and as a group to give you a good feel for woking in the show ring.  Price Change effective immediately from $8.00 to $10.00

Instructor:  Sheila Gardner  contact Sheila if you are planning to attend via text. 




6:00 pm-6:45 pm





Draft and Cart (Not Available at this time)

For Competition, Work and Fun. 


Therapy Dog Class (Not Available at this time)

Our Therapy Dog Workshop will help you learn some tips and do's and don'ts of being a successful Therapy Dog Team.  By the end of the 4 weeks you will hopefully know if you and your dog will enjoy this Volunteer opportunity.  We won't be testing you but will help you choose which of the 3 National organizations will be a good fit for you and your dog.   Your dog must have basic manners as we are not focusing on teaching a Basic Obedience Class or Manners Class.  We will offer some Auditing spaces for people to attend without their dogs.  You can sign up for the Audit spaces on this page under the Heading Therapy Dog Class Audit.


Trick Dog Class- Not Available at this time

Learning tricks for your dog is fun and entertaining! It is a good way to create a bond with your dog. At the end of the class you can test for a Trick Dog AKC Title! 


Manners Matters - Not Available at this time

A FUN 5-WEEK class focusing on the FAB FIVE FUNDAMENTALS. Do you want a polite pup at home or are you a dog trial competitor? This class is for you! We will introduce and break down skills, like come when called, walk nicely on leash and more, to enable you to reach your best potential.


Our classes are limited to 5 dogs with no more than 2 handlers per dog. Dogs of any age are welcome. Dogs must be on flat buckle collar or harness and a 6-10 foot fixed length leash. No pinch/prong, slip/choke collars or e-collars and no flexi-leads.


Nose Work Class- Not Available at this time

One of the nice things about K9 Nose Work is that no prior obedience training is required to participate. We want our dogs to learn to be ‘odor obedient‘. We often say ‘leave your obedience on the other side of the door!‘ Early training focuses on building drive and letting the dog learn through exploration, what gets them to the source.

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